Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Lipsbury Pinfoldin'

Mostly worked 1.6 today--the scene where Kent attacks Oswald (which one?) and then gets his own butt Lipsbury Pinfolded into the stocks by Swiss Cheese Brain Man (aka Cornwall). As you can tell, it was a pretty goofy rehearsal, with everyone in good humour (and, again, remarkably off-book. These guys rock).

We were missing a couple of key players tonight, so we couldn't work some of the other scenes I'd hoped to get around to. Unfortunately, the more that happens this week, the less likely it becomes that we're ever going to get a chance to focus on them in isolation. From here on in, it's runs, runs, runs. Luckily, I also expect the cast is going to be pretty good at thinking on their feet. I'd just rather not put them through that.

Had a sound meeting with Mark. Lots of thunderclaps and surreal ominous soundscapes. And I talked a bit with John and Christienne about the set. Sounds like John could use a few knowledgeable helpers this week and next while the set comes together. Handymen (and women), step forward!


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